The project is dedicated to the legendary commander, the national hero of Armenia, philosopher and warrior, an active leader of the national liberation struggle of the Armenian people, Monte Melkonian.

Monte Melkonian has become a symbol of a new stage of the liberation movement – the Artsakh war. For him, it was not just a war over historical ground, it was a struggle for the continued existence of the Armenian people, it was a struggle for all of us. Until the end, he did not let the weapons out of the hands. “The war in Artsakh will go as long as we do not win the war can end only in victory and nothing else, there is no other option. We have nowhere to retreat, losing Artsakh, we will close the last page of our history “- never tired of repeating Monte.

He was an archaeologist, he loved to potter about in the past and was able to perceive the future through the prism of time. Unsightly shard he valued above limousine; digging deeper, the more suited to the heights of civilization. Source in archeology is always located below the delta.

Covered in the lifetime of legendary fame, he will lead the most complex and daring military operations – fighting for Omar pass, Karvachar campaign Shaumyan. Organizational talent and military skills Avo will play a very special role: fought on the side of Azerbaijan Mujahideen seriously stumbled exactly on the lines of the elusive Commander and come in complete bewilderment: where is it?

However, Che and sooner or later had to die somewhere. Armenian commander, by definition, could not be brave ceremonial flag-bearer or staff officer, for he too was legendary. Bullet overtake him near Agdam, in the area for buried ruins founded in the I century BC, the city Tigranakert, Armenian future archaeologists will excavate here.